Local Church Expansion

Supporting Local Church Expansion & Outreach

Each Glad Tidings campus is a beacon of light in its community. We do not take the stewardship of our properties lightly, and we venture to make each campus a place that is welcome to our current church family and for those who have yet to call the Church their “home.”

This year, we are taking steps to improve each of our campus facilities.

1) Manor Campus
Each Sunday presents a challenge to pack all of the children in, which requires the additions of a new Kids' Building. In addition we will be updating the water and sewage system by tying into the city's system. These updates will allow the Manor Campus to continue to grow and reach the greater Manor community.

2) Liberty Hill Campus
Located on one of the busiest highways in Liberty Hill, this campus will receive updates to its curbside appeal. Landscaping, exterior facility updates, and drive-way upgrades will all provide a better first- impression to the community. This will provide a welcoming environment for all of the current members and the new residents that are coming to Liberty Hill.

3) Leander Campus
Leander is a booming area with many new families. The campus facility will receive several maintenance updates, signage updates and parking lot upgrades. This will allow the church to park more cars and invite more people into the church family.

4) Central Austin Campus
Central Austin Campus auditorium will receive a much-needed update to the carpet, chairs and staging. The update will allow us to continue to provide a wonderful space for people to encounter God and feel welcome. It will bless those in the church and welcome those who join us in the coming years.


Austin Disaster Relief Network
Bringing hope into crisis by meeting the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of those affected by disaster, great or small.

Bridge of Angels
An urban ministry to the homeless population of downtown Austin through weekly food distribution and pop-up church services.

Campus Communities Local Outreach
Community outreach projects specific to the communities of each of our area campuses.

Heart of Texas Pregnancy Resource Center
A pregnancy resource center located in South Austin that provides
support for pregnant mothers and children.

Church Multiplication Network
Equipping and funding leaders to plant healthy, Spirit-filled churches across the United States.

Network Food Pantry
Providing basic needs to the disenfranchised within the influence of our church campuses.

The Source (Formerly known as Austin LifeCare)
A pregnancy resource center that provides women's health services
that support human life at all stages.