Global Mission

Sharing the Gospel Worldwide through Global Missions


Nearly 4 billion people live in the "10/40 window", an area of the world where there is less than 5% of the population that follow Christ.

Live Dead is an arm of the Assemblies of God world missions organization that raises up leaders and teams to evangelize the lost of this area of the world through creative access, community initiatives, and relationship building.

Annie, a Live Dead missionary, went to a dentist in a primarily Muslim nation. During her dental check-up the dentist looked at her and said, "I need to see you in my office following your appointment." Annie was a bit nervous, but she followed him into his office where he sat down and said, "You are different. There's just something different about you that I want my girls to have." Annie was hired to come into his home and tutor his girls on how to live with character. This open door led to the dentist's salvation.

Our missionaries in this part of the world have chosen to "live dead" - already choosing ahead of time that they are ready to be martyred in order to share the Gospel. The least we can do is to support them in prayer and with our finances. Our Kingdom Builders giving is bringing Muslims to Christ.


In 1989, Assemblies of God leaders in Africa held a continental leadership meeting in Malawi. In unison, church leaders determined that the greatest hindrance to the anticipated church growth of the coming era was inadequate training. At that time the leaders felt that Bible training programs in Africa were not reaching their potential. They identified several issues, such as a lack of qualified teachers and inadequate resources for teacher training, which if not addressed would result in limited effectiveness for training a new generation of leaders.

In response to this need, launched a training ministry called Africa’s Hope that quickly began nationals to impact every major to reach region of Africa. The presupposition for this ministry was that Spirit- empowered, biblically trained leaders are Africa’s hope.

Africa's Hope has a vision to raise up Spirit- empowered, biblically trained leaders as the hope of Africa. Their mission is to facilitate training that equips the church in Africa to disciple the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit. Training is a vital part of the DNA of Africa's Hope.

Through our partnership, we will provide needed resources such as textbooks, study Bibles, and scholarships to raise up the next generation of ministers in Africa.


Your generosity fuels the spread of the Gospel overseas. It's a wonderful blessing to view firsthand how your funds are impacting foreign countries and cultures.
One of the best ways to grow in our relationship withGodistogeta glimpse of His heart for others in foreign nations.

This year, we have tentatively planned several missions trips overseas that will support the work of our foreign missionaries.

Note:  All trip dates and details are TBD due to COVID-19.

We will be joining the Harper family to serve the Incan natives of Peru.
Our team will help with street services, VBS, and English classes. The Peruvians have been steeped in ancient religious traditions.

This trip will be several weeks long and will support Pastor Stanley Bantu (a local pastor in India who we directly support) and an English speaking class for the community.

Middle East
Our missionaries in the Middle East will host a group from our church in order to help with community building efforts. This trip will be limited capacity.


Africa's Hope
Provides biblical training for leaders of the growing Church in Africa, equipping them with knowlege and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Assemblies of God World Missions
Resourcing those called to share the gospel to foreign nations.

Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge
Beginning the process of missions awareness, concern, and stewardship in young lives by training them to give sacrificially. This provides our missionaries with much needed books, media, and materials for their particular ministries.

Convoy of Hope, US & International
Feeding children in need, providing disaster relief, training women to start businesses, and helping farmers in developing nations.

Cultural Division
Supporting missionaries who are spreading awareness of foreign need.

Fire Bible
The first comprehensive study Bible, translated into hundreds of languages, created to help pastors and leaders preach, teach, and reach others.

Missionary Tiffany Carlisle is partnering with the international church to run a coffee shop as a tool for spreading the Gospel. She will also have the unique opportunity to serve among thousands of displaced Romanians living near Heidelberg.
Raising money for projects, church plants, and schools in the poorest villages in India and helping to equip local pastors to serve their villages.

International Media Ministries
Partnering with missionaries, national churches, and media outlets to produce both mainstream and new media pieces, to train others in specific skills, and to mentor a new generation in media missions.

We have a team onsite reaching the people of this land.

Live Dead
Funding missionaries to unreached people groups in sensitive countries where evangelization is illegal.

Missions Mobilization
Sending Glad Tidings Missions teams to other countries to pray, share the Gospel, and empower missionaries. Tentatively scheduled: India, Middle East, and Peru.

First time missionaries Ben and Ginni Harper are launching a work in the Cusco Area. They will reach the poorest people group in the region, Andes Indians. They will serve families and specifically children by meeting their basic needs to share the life-changing message of Jesus.

Supporting Emmanuel Christian Church in Galati that is discipling young people and training pastors for village ministry.

Undisclosed missions work despite the recent law prohibiting evangelism. Relational formation amongst many who are in darkness and depression.

Missionaries Brandon and Melissa Newman are reaching the teens of Scotland. Through skate parks, coffee shops and other innovative tools they are developing relationships that make way for the Gospel Message.

Senders Fund
At Glad Tidings Church our vision is to send out missionaries from this local network. We are helping to equip, train, and send individuals with the call to missions.

Sensitive Nations
Funding missionaries whose nations cannot be listed due to danger because of the Gospel.

South Africa
Durban is home to NorthPlace church where Pastors Adam and Alicia Fogleman are serving.

Speed the Light
Youth raising money for missionary projects around the world, including essential resources, transportation, and creative communication equipment.

Multiple missionaries are making tremendous breakthroughs in the lives of the Vietnamese community. They are ripe for the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

Cyndi Watson works with medical missions to meet the Zambians' physical needs and to bring them the Good News of Jesus.

Additional Support
In addition to these listed are a number of foreign missionaries we support through the new merger of our Leander campus.